Empowering Women in Construction: A Vision for a More Inclusive Future

Empowering Women in Construction: A Vision for a More Inclusive Future

In the realm of construction, a traditionally male-dominated industry, a transformative wave is underway, heralding a new era of inclusivity and diversity. As we step into Women in Construction Week, from March 3-9, 2024, it’s time to spotlight the invaluable contributions of women in this field and the profound impact they have on the industry’s evolution and sustainability.

Regan Koonce, the co-owner of Ledegar Roofing, stands as a beacon of inspiration and leadership in advocating for women’s roles in construction. With a lifetime of experience in roofing and construction, Regan has not only witnessed but also contributed to the industry’s strides towards becoming an inclusive environment. Her insights shed light on the critical importance of integrating women into the trades, especially at a time when the industry faces a skilled labor shortage, with over half of the workforce aged 45 or older.

The narrative that construction is a man’s world is rapidly changing. Women’s involvement and success stories are not just about breaking stereotypes; they are about enhancing the industry’s capacity for innovation, problem-solving, and growth.

Investing in women is not merely a call for equality; it’s a strategic imperative for the longevity and prosperity of the trades. Education, awareness, and communication are key to opening doors for women in construction, showing them the myriad opportunities the industry offers to thrive, build confidence, achieve higher pay rates, develop a wide array of skills, and forge successful careers.

Regan’s message to women in the industry is powerful and clear: “Be strong, confident, and remain true to your values.” It’s a call to action for women to embrace their potential and for the industry to support and celebrate their achievements.

As we commemorate Women in Construction Week under the hashtags #womeninconstruction and #WICweek, let’s come together to foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity in construction. Let’s champion the role of women in building not just structures, but a more resilient and innovative industry. Together, we can pave the way for a future where everyone has the opportunity to contribute, grow, and succeed in construction.

Regan Koonce and her commitment to this cause reminds us all of the progress we’ve made and the journey ahead. It’s time to build a foundation for equality in construction, one where every woman has the tools, support, and recognition to excel.