“Continuing the
Ledegar Tradition”

La Crosse entrepreneur John Ledegar (1878-1959) started Ledegar Roofing in 1908 – originally located in his garage. Mr. Ledegar was a devoted family man and friend. He was married twice and had two daughters. Locally, he was a Patron Member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles for 29 years. When he was not working, he enjoyed hunting and fishing.

Mr. Ledegar was a skilled craftsman and well known in the La Crosse area for his metal craftsmanship.

One of his accomplishments was the roofing project on the La Crosse Tribune building. Mr. Ledegar had a great respect for his employees and they returned that same respect. One of his employees, Frank Netwal, was still on his payroll at age 78, a testament to the leadership Mr. Ledegar gave his team and the sense of responsibility he had to them and the business community.

Ledegar Roofing continues to grow, expanding in 2013 from their location at 1711 Miller Street of 50+ years to the larger property next door at 1701 Miller Street. The La Crosse Tribune again covered the growth of this Century-Old La Crosse business.

Ledegar Roofing Company was previously owned by Daniel Koonce who retired at the end of 2022. The company is now owned and operated by Alex Koonce, Zeke Koonce, and Regan Koonce, who continue to maintain the high ethics and standards put in place by John Ledegar over a century ago.