The Ledegar Difference

When choosing a contractor it is important to know the difference… The Ledegar Difference.

More than price, a bid from a quality contractor, such as Ledegar Roofing Company, will include all of the details to make your investment last.

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A Ledegar Roof Will Outlast Any Other Roofing System

  • Commercial & Residential Roofing
    Whether your building needs a sloped roof or a flat (or low sloped) roof , Ledegar installs all available systems. Read More
  • Tesla Solar Panel Installation
    Replace your current roof with a Tesla Solar Roof and produce clean energy. More than 3X stronger than standard roofing tiles and pays for itself over time. Read More
  • Roof Maintenance
    Delivering the right solutions to prevent future damage with decades of experience in leak detection. Read More
  • chimney cleaning
    Creosote will build up in your chimney or wood stove over time. This is dangerous for a few reasons. Read More