A roof inspection is a crucial part of home maintenance that helps protect your investment and ensures the safety of your home. At Ledegar Roofing, La Crosse’s residential roofing experts, we understand that the process might seem overwhelming, especially when considering insurance involvement. However, we’re here to assure you that with the right knowledge and a professional by your side, a roof inspection can be a straightforward and enlightening process. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what the roof inspection process looks like and how insurance comes into play.

Scheduling The Roof Inspection

The first step in the roof inspection process is to schedule an appointment with a reputable roofing contractor like Ledegar Roofing. These inspections should be done annually, after severe weather events, or when you’re planning to buy or sell your home. At Ledegar Roofing, we offer free inspections, making this essential part of home maintenance accessible to all homeowners in La Crosse and surrounding areas.

The Roof Inspection Process

A comprehensive roof inspection involves much more than just a quick glance at your shingles. Here’s what you can expect when a Ledegar Roofing professional inspects your roof:

  • Exterior Inspection: This involves a thorough inspection of your roof’s shingles, flashing, chimneys, vents, and other exterior elements. We check for signs of damage or wear, such as missing or broken shingles, curling or buckling, rusting on metal parts, and cracks or damage to chimneys and vents.
  • Interior Inspection: The inspection also involves checking the attic and the interior ceilings of your home. We look for signs of water damage, mold, or rot that indicate leaks or insufficient ventilation.
  • Inspection Report: After the inspection, we provide a detailed report of our findings. This report will highlight any issues, the recommended repairs or replacements, and an estimate for the work.

Working With Your Insurance Company

If your roof has sustained damage due to weather events or other covered causes, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the repair or replacement costs. Here’s how insurance comes into play during the roof inspection process:

  • Filing a Claim: If our inspection uncovers damage that’s likely covered by your insurance policy, we’ll guide you in filing a claim. We can provide necessary documentation, such as the inspection report and photos of the damage.
  • Insurance Adjuster’s Visit: Your insurance company will send an adjuster to verify the claim. We can be present during this visit to ensure the adjuster is fully aware of all the damage and necessary repairs.
  • Approval and Payment: If your claim is approved, your insurance company will issue payment for the repairs, minus your policy’s deductible. We can work directly with your insurance company to streamline this process.

Repairing Or Replacing Your Roof

Once the insurance claim is approved, we’ll schedule the repair or replacement work. We always aim to complete the work promptly and professionally, with minimal disruption to your home life. At Ledegar Roofing, we pride ourselves on high-quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service, ensuring your roof is restored to its optimal condition.

Schedule Your FREE Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is an essential process that protects your home and gives you peace of mind. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful experience. With a trusted partner like Ledegar Roofing by your side, you can navigate the process with ease and confidence.

Ready to schedule your free roof inspection? Call us at 608-785-0901 or fill out our form! Our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way, from inspection to repair, ensuring your roof remains a strong and reliable protector of your home.